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We develop mobile products that help our users grow and our partners monetize.

Join the forefront of advertising innovation, where your message not only resonates but prospers within our ever-growing mobile app landscape.

Risk-free trading education

We offer free educational tools for trading enthusiasts — a safe space for everyone from a rookie trying to get a grip on trading ABCs or a veteran looking for ways to develop their skills. Users can put their knowledge into practice in our simulators and practice trading without financial risk.

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Gamification: from gamer to trader 

Anyone can become a trader — that’s what we at Edusystems believe in. We want trading knowledge to be as clear, straightforward, and easy to learn as possible. We see gamification as the perfect way to achieve that. We developed and implemented a whole system of engaging in-app activities to help users learn while having fun.

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App development

Edusystems provide full-cycle app development: backend development, UI/UX design, QA testing, marketing, and app monetization. Our experienced team and well-oiled processes ensure any needs of our users are fulfilled in a timely manner and every stage of development work runs smoothly.

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Our products

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Cryptomania is an educational trading simulator. An app that guides a newbie trader into the world of cryptocurrency trading and provides experienced traders a safe place to test out strategies and improve their trading skills.
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Forex Royale is a trading simulator with elements of game and competition. It’s an educational app that helps master the fundamentals of stock market trading. Forex Royale mimics the mechanics of a real exchange market and provides live charts to ensure the most true-to-life trading experience.
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An app for everyone who wants to master the basics of Forex trading. Forex Battle provide a safe and friendly educational environment — a perfect starting point for getting a good technical foundation on the mechanics of the Forex market.
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Who we are

Based in Tallinn, Estonia, Edusystems is an international team of passionate fintech enthusiasts. Together we develop cutting-edge digital products tailored for traders at every skill level — from seasoned high-volume professionals to beginners. We take pride in our suite of free, user-friendly apps trusted by millions of people around the globe.
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Our vision

As a fast-evolving international company with a massive user base, we aspire to redefine the global perception of trading through our educational mobile apps. We recognize our responsibility to equip our audience with comprehensive knowledge and inspire them to explore financial markets without fear. We believe in creating not just apps but pathways to astonishing possibilities for healthy, sustainable growth and development for both our users and our valued partners.
Educate. Motivate. Inspire.
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