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Global Presence
Global Presence
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Downloads Milestone
38 million installs and counting
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Daily Engagement
Averaging 300k DAU
Step 1


It all starts with an idea, a concept. Our creative teamdefines the app’s purpose, features, and monetization model, and then releases a plan to get things rolling.

Step 2


The next milestone is to provide written specifications of how the solution will work. This includes UI/UX, data design, and technical architecture. A very collaborative phase.

Step 3


Our app development team codes and configures the app and backend based on the design specifications. That includes integrating with APIs and other third-party services.

Step 4


Next phase is to run thorough testing to ensure that the app performs as expected. That includes QA, device testing, regression, and user acceptance.

Step 5


Time to get the app into the real world. During this stage, we compile the app, provide distribution certificates, and move on to the app store submission.

Step 6


We’re working hard to keep our apps running 24/7 without malfunctions. This work includes processing users’ feedback and bug reports. That is the key to constant improvement.

Step 7

App Monetization

We provide a variety of monetization solutions for our apps. We monetize mobile traffic from all over the world constantly increasing the customer lifetime value (LTV). 

We enable exclusive access to programmatic buyers representing top brands from around the globe.

Our Products

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Cryptomania will help you get a first look into the crypto currency market. The app itself is a demo stock market (simulator), where you can take on the role of a trader.
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Forex Royale is a unique application that combines play with teaching the basics of investing in the currency and cryptocurrency trading market.
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An app for everyone who wants to master the basics of Forex trading. Forex Battle provide a safe and friendly educational environment — a perfect starting point for getting a good technical foundation on the mechanics of the Forex market.
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Our vision

As a fast-evolving international company with a massive user base, we aspire to redefine the global perception of trading through our educational mobile apps. We recognize our responsibility to equip our audience with comprehensive knowledge and inspire them to explore financial markets without fear. We believe in creating not just apps but pathways to astonishing possibilities for healthy, sustainable growth and development for both our users and our valued partners.
Educate. Motivate. Inspire.
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